A River Ain’t Too Much To Light

Les Éclairagistes Associés (L.E.A.), ecqi ltd. and Federico Pietrella in association with GVA Lighting Europe Limited and ewo srl

Why will the bridges be illuminated progressively?

The switching on of the lights on the bridges is regulated to follow the ideal line of demarcation between light and shadow (twilight).

Why will there be lampposts ‘planted’ in the waters of the Thames?
The lampposts are the symbol of artificial lighting designed for the great cities of the world. Their reproductions create a second pathway that plots the course of the river.

Why do the lampposts ‘emerge’ from the water?
The river is a mass of living water whose depth varies according to the tides. This vertical mobility of water sees the lampposts visible to a greater or lesser degree.

Why are the lampposts all different?
Because each lamppost is a faithful reproduction of original lampposts from around the world. This collection of lampposts realises a project which characterises the city of London as the capital of exchanges between different cultures

Presentation video
3D fly-through video

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