Illuminated River rings in 2021 by participating in Mayor of London’s New Year’s Eve display across the capital

We were delighted to take part in the Mayor of London's New Year’s Eve light show last week with a colourful display across the Illuminated River bridges.

A special one-off lighting programme, organised by the Greater London Authority in partnership with Jack Morton, illuminated London to Lambeth bridges and featured the Union Jack, rainbow hues and NHS blue, to pay tribute to the courageous work of frontline staff and key workers. Thank you to Atelier Ten, Signify and FM Conway for their support.

Mayor of London's New Year's Eve display

London Bridge and Cannon Street Bridge illuminated in NHS blue. Image: Dominic Papa
London Bridge illuminated in rainbow hues. Image: Dominic Papa
The Union Jack on London Bridge. Image: Dominic Papa
Image: Dominic Papa
Image: Dominic Papa