The Illuminated River offers an opportunity to think about the river as a unique natural and built environment, to look at ways in which we can enhance the experience for the public and improve the environment for flora and fauna.

Waterloo Bridge. Photo Sean Pollock

The Illuminated River Foundation will deliver multiple benefits for Londoners, visitors and the environment.


It will create more opportunities to enjoy and explore the river, Thames Path, the bridges and local amenities.


It will enhance understanding of the river’s history and ecology.


Environment: it will support the green agenda on the Thames by increasing biodiversity and reducing light pollution and energy consumption [Please see the environment page for more information].


It will increase access to art, promote creativity and support the Mayor’s cultural strategy for London.


It will involve and bring together many river communities, schools, organisations and interest groups.


It will pioneer innovate lighting and engineering solutions.


It will create a long-term maintenance programme, collaborating with other lighting and public realm projects along the river.


It will enhance travel and connectivity along and over the river.

Nighttime Economy

It will invigorate and support the existing nighttime life of central London.

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