Energy Usage

London, Cannon Street, Southwark and Millennium bridges were illuminated in Summer 2019, spanning the busy riverside areas of Southwark and the City of London – home to Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe and the Tower of London.

Using smart LED technologies, Illuminated River has replaced the outdated and inefficient lighting on the bridges, providing a more long-term sustainable solution for lighting the Thames at night. Switched on shortly after sunset and turned off at 2am, the artwork for each bridge uses no more energy than some common household appliances.

The infographic shows the equivalent domestic appliance usage per night on London, Cannon Street, Southwark and Millennium bridges.

Our energy for Cannon Street Bridge is supplied by Ecotricity, who use 100% renewable green energy. The electricity supply for Millennium, Southwark and London bridges comes from City of London’s appointed supplier which provides 40% of its energy from renewable sources. The City of London aims to increase this to 100% during the lifetime of the Illuminated River project.