A virtual journey through the Illuminated River bridges

New films of the first four bridges

Illuminated River have produced four new short films of the Illuminated River bridges – London, Cannon Street, Southwark and Millennium - so you can enjoy the artwork from the comfort and safety of your home in a meditative visual and musical experience.

Each film is accompanied by an original score composed and produced by students from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama and inspired by the unique heritage and architecture of a specific Illuminated River bridge. From sweeping orchestral scores to minimalist electronic pieces, Illuminated River commissioned the new bridge music to mark the illumination of the first four bridges in July 2019.

We hope the films encourage you to take a mindful moment out of your day as you journey through the mesmerising Illuminated River artwork.

You can listen to the full set of new music for the Illuminated River bridges via Soundcloud.

London Bridge

Film: Paul Crawley


Original Score by Christopher Short

This composition gives insight into the forever changing landscape of London. The popular nursery rhyme “London Bridge is Falling Down” is incorporated in the Clarinet solo, whilst a xylophone motif looks to the future of London Bridge, replicating the twinkling of light on the river rendered by Leo Villareal’s kinetic artwork.

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Cannon Street Bridge

Film: Paul Crawley

In Motion

Original Score by Sam Dinley

This piece was predominantly composed on-site, on the bank of Cannon Street Bridge. Taking the compositional process outside of the studio was essential in creating an authentic piece of music that stays true to the vision of Leo Villareal and Illuminated River. It blends field recordings and electronics with a live orchestra, to create a musical timeline.

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Southwark Bridge

Film: Paul Crawley


Original Score by James Grout-Smith

This piece draws upon the work of impressionist composers Ravel and Debussy and reflects both the warm hues and the constant feeling of flow and movement embodied by Leo Villareal's artwork for Southwark Bridge.

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Millennium Bridge

Film: Paul Crawley

The Third Age

Original Score by Finn Murphy

This composition invokes themes of postmodernism and the digital era in which we live. Millennium bridge is the youngest to cross the Thames and supposes a youthfulness that is mirrored in this electronic music.

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