The Thames Bridges in Light and Colour, selected by Illuminated River artist Leo Villareal

Illuminated River are delighted to have partnered with Art UK to produce the virtual exhibition: The Thames Bridges in Light and Colour.

Illuminated River artist Leo Villareal joins a long tradition of artists who have been inspired by the Thames and its bridges. His light compositions mimic the ever-changing movement of the river, using shifting hues drawn from the London sky during sunset, through nightfall and under moonlight.

In this exhibition, Villareal selects paintings of the next bridges to be illuminated, from artists whose approach to light and colour has resonance with his own. Featuring pieces by Canaletto, Monet and Whistler to contemporary artists like Frank Bowling, the exhibition can be viewed here on the ArtUK website.

The Thames above Waterloo Bridge

Joseph Mallord William Turner, c.1830–5

The Houses of Parliament from the River

James Francis Danby, 1864

Wartime Traffic on the River Thames: River Police at Waterloo Bridge during the Battle of Britain

John Edgar Platt, 1942